Research - Section 1 - Maps

ur foundation is fortunate to have access to a powerful program known as ArcGIS, a software program that was developed for the purpose of "collecting, organizing, managing, analyzing, communicating, and distributing geographic information." We have collected data about the recorded incidents of vehicular-pedestrian accidents that have occurred in the City of Charleston from 2010 to the present. We are using the ArcGIS software to create a map displaying locations where vehicular-pedestrian accidents resulting in pedestrian deaths have occurred. It is our hope that this map will help us understand where dangerous intersections, like the one on the Septima P. Clark Parkway, are and how we can work to insure the safety of our citizens in these problem areas now and in other problem areas in the future.

Research - Section 2 - Field Work

Thanks to the dedication of Lindsey's mother, Lynnette, several videos have been recorded that highlight just how fast and dangerous this intersection actually is.